Human Resources Solutions Groups was established in 2004 to meet the needs of companies within the Bahamas, small, mid-sized and large. The Executive Recruitment Services has been providing first class level of candidates to some of the most innovative and progressive companies in The Bahamas.

In response to requests from our clients we have evolved to offer a comprehensive portfolio of executive recruitment services inclusive of Immigration services which provide our clients and candidates with the ideal one stop HR Company.


We feature jobs for all areas. We work with companies to have their vacancies filled with the best talent. We prepare you for the interview process and provide background information to you on the company to improve your level of success.

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Below is a list of recruitment services that we can tailor and/or combine to suit your need:

  • Permanent Recruitment at all levels
  • Part - time / Temporary assignment
  • Contractual Recruitment
  • Administer CPP test to your applicants
  • A comprehensive database of applicants ready to serve you


See below a list of job openings.



    Company: Cacique International | Status: Full Time

    Cacique International Limited seeks to employ the services of a Personal Assistant to the General manager.

    The successful candidate must be able to:
    • Schedule and daily coordination of the day to day diary for the GM.
    • Complete adhoc personal administrative duties for the President
    • Schedule appointments, meetings, and conference calls for the President
    • Organize appointment diary
    • Screen all incoming telephone calls, inquiries or requests for the President
    • Ensure that all messages, faxes and e-mails are provided to the President in a timely manner
    • Effectively schedule travel arrangements for the office
    • Greet all persons visiting the office of the GM
    • Collect weekly reports from division heads as required by the GM
    • Develop a system to identify and resolve all customer service concerns as they pertain to the office of the GM
    • Manage and order all office supplies and corporate stationery (with CIL Logo) when needed.
    • Implement a system to monitor the usage of office supplies
    • Coordinate operational requirements
    • Schedule executive meetings and advise executive team members accordingly
    • Accurately take notes and ensure the timely distribution of executive meeting minutes
    • Attend meetings and record details as required by the GM for distribution and necessary action to the relevant personnel

    Experience as an executive assistant is a must, Bachelors degree in relevant area or minimum – Associates degree, 4 years experience as a personal assistant, Bahamian preferred.

    Please use the form below to apply.



    Company: Cacique International | Status: Full Time

    Job Summary
    Oversee the affairs with all daily functions pertinent to the overall success of the office and the DMC & Event Operations department

    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Maintain client files and records with effective filing systems
    • Follow office workflow procedures to ensure maximum efficiency
    • Support the DMC team with administrative tasks (disseminating correspondence, redirecting calls/emails, bookings, communicating with vendors)
    • Process paperwork for clients and DMC team, as necessary
    • Bookings paperwork for groups
    • Assist in organizing office events
    • Support in vendor relationship management
    • Ensure that all company-wide internal correspondence is distributed as paper memos on the announcement boards
    • Type and distribute letters and correspondence
    • Create periodic reports for the managers
    • Processes paperwork for customers and employees
    • Monitor office supplies inventory and place orders*
    • Any other tasks deemed necessary.

    Experience as an office assistant is a must, 3 BGCSE’s- including English, computer literate with MS Suite, Bahamian preferred.

    To be determined based on experience and qualifications of the successful candidate.

    Please use the form below to apply.

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  • 1. Planning

    In this phase we ascertain the requirements and need of our clients. We plan the kind of strategy, techniques that we are going to follow in order to get the candidate’s profile. We try to search for the competency, the strength, capacity of the candidate. During the planning phase itself we also look into the online recruiting agencies through which we can get the candidates according to the area of expertise.

  • 2. Implementation

    The implementation process is further divided into so many other different stages:

    2.1 Preliminary Interviews : At this stage a set of preliminary questions are made for the candidate according to his area of expertise. The capable candidates are first shortlisted and with a prior appointment for the interview the candidates are being called.

    2.2 Shortlist : After this the candidates are shortlisted and a confidential report is being made.

    2.3 Informal reference checks : The kinds of references that are being given are further checked by us and are verified for their achievements and work experience.

    2.4 Client Interviews : After this the shortlisted candidate is met by our client. At this stage we look forward to the travel, stay and expenses of the candidate. We provide him/ her with proper comfort and all the essential things are fulfilled by us.

    2.5 Formal Reference Checks : Finally we do a proper reference check talking about the candidates work experience, his basic details, qualifications etc.

  • 3. Immigration

    We manage the entire Immigration process for executive recruitment. Once the best candidate is selected through our recruitment process, we assist companies with the Bahamas Immigration permit process and provide orientation for the candidate prior to arriving in The Bahamas.

    We manage the completion of the relevant Forms whether Short or Long Term work permit and all the necessary accompanying documents. We also submit for spousal permits if required.

    We submit the documents for consideration to the Bahamas Immigration department and collect the permit once completed.

    We take the hassle out of the Immigration for you so you can focus on your business.

    Advantages of foreign employee.

    • Focused on the work
    • Committed to the employer
    • Fewer non-productive days through sick leave
    • Willing to give extra effort to employer

  • 4. Closure

    The final phase is of negotiation and follow up during which the salary packages, time of joining, offer letter everything is decided. We always try to be in touch during the follow up process. Apart from this we keep a follow up with the client as well as the candidate when the candidate joins the organization.

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